Warren Granger is the murder victim in The Superhero in the Alley. He had been trying to save Lucy McGruder from her abusive husband due to his obsession with comic books and superheroes making him want to save someone. Zack Addy discovers that at the time of his death, Warren had terminal leukemia and didn't have much longer to live as Bones tells Booth that if he hadn't been murdered two months before he'd have been dead of the disease in the present. His parents tell them that Warren had leukemia when he was 11 but that it was in remission. They had no idea that it had returned and he was dying. Booth comforts them by suggesting that Warren hid his illness from them so that they wouldn't have to suffer through it with him. Bones thinks he was just obsessed with his superhero thing, but Booth believes that he was trying to be a man. Bones and Booth later tell Lucy that they think Warren was trying to scare Ted into leaving her alone by threatening him with a bevel knife. He stabbed Ted in the arm and Ted disarmed him which wouldn't have been hard given how sick he was. Ted has a bad temper and murdered Warren in anger. Ted is arrested for Warren's murder and Bones, Booth, his friends from the Doomsday group and Lucy attend his funeral. Booth leaves his sharpshooter medal on Warren's coffin to be buried with him and after Angela Montenegro finishes his comic book depicting him saving Lucy, its added to his coffin after Lucy sees it.

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